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Madeira wine is typically a mono-varietal wine, with each white varietal representing one of the four styles of Madeira.
Dry, medium-dry, medium-rich and rich.
The red Tinta Negra is diverse enough to be able to represent any one of these 4 styles of Madeira.

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Discover the oldest shippers of Madeira wine

Established in 1745, Cossart Gordon & Co. represents the oldest company in the Madeira trade. It was originally founded by Scotsmen, Grancis Newton and William Gordon, who were later joined by William Cossart in 1808. The company established a reputation as suppliers of the finest of Madeiras mainly due to their trade relationship with American colonies.

A unique and highly distinguished fortified wine that is produced and bottled on the island of Madeira

Terroirs and Grape Varietals

The Island Terroirs and Grape Varietals

Madeira is known for its varietal wines, which over time have come to define the style of the wine. Shortly after the discovery of the island, the initial settlers planted grapes that were common in mainland Portugal, with the exception of "Malvasia" or Malmsey that originated from the Mediterranean.

The Team

Chris Blandy


Chris took over as CEO of the Madeira Wine Company in 2011 and plays an active role in the commercial and PR aspects of the company.

Francisco Albuquerque

Francisco Albuquerque has consecutively won the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition award “Wine Maker of the Year for Fortified Wines”.

Nelson Calado - Commercial Director -
Michel Batista - Local Sales -

João Pedro Ghira - International Sales -
Ana Vieira Soares - Blandy's Wine Lodge Manager -

Each one of the Lodge's rooms has its own character and due to the differing temperatures and humidity, the wines all have differing ageing profiles based on their location.

Drinking Cossart Gordon Wine

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Plataforma 3, Pavilhão T, ZFI da Madeira
9200-047 Caniçal, Madeira, Portugal.

(+351) 291 740 100

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