Bual 1978

Grape Varieties: Bual
Bottling Year: 2021
Product Description: These grapes came specifically from the area of Calheta, the warmest and sunniest area on the island of Madeira. They were harvested by hand in a good harvest in 1978, trodden on using the traditional wooden lagares and then aged for more than 40 years in the “Canteiro” system (in old oak casks supported on long wooden beams) in the warehouses of Madeira Wine Company, in Funchal and then later in Caniçal.
Specification: Alcohol by Volume: 20% Volatile Acidity: 1,11 g/l Total Acidity: 8.51 g/l (tartaric acid) Residual Sugar: 105 g/l Volumetric Mass: 1026 g/l
Tasting Notes: Clear bright mahogany color with a golden-green hue. Very characteristic exuberant bouquet, with notes of spice, tobacco, balsam and cedar type exotic woods. In the mouth it is very powerful, medium sweet, but with a very fresh, intense and long finnish with hints of a vanilla like spice.

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