Bual 2008

Grape Varieties: Bual
Bottling Year: 2016
Product Description: Cossart Gordon's Colheita 2008 is a single harvest Madeira wine. Like other Madeiras, the wine undergoes a unique aging process (the ‘canteiro’ method); whereby the wine is cask-aged using the natural heat of the island. Over time, the casks are moved from the warmer upper floors of the lodge, to the lower cooler floors where it completes its ageing development. This process gives Madeira its unique flavor and incredible longevity.
Specification: Alcohol by Volume: 19.1% Volatile Acidity: 0.48 g/l Total Acidity: 6.75 g/l (tartaric acid) pH: 3.32 Baumé (20oC): 2.7 Reducing Sugar: 86.3 g/l
Tasting Notes: Clear, topaz colour, with golden highlights. Characteristic and intense Madeira nose, revealing a bouquet of dried fruits (especially figs and prunes) and notes of vanilla and oak. Medium sweet, smooth and full- bodied, balanced perfectly by a very fine acidity. A long aftertaste with toffee flavours.

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Plataforma 3, Pavilhão T, ZFI da Madeira
9200-047 Caniçal, Madeira, Portugal.

(+351) 291 740 100


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