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Malmsey 1995

Grape Varieties: Malmsey
Bottling Year: 1995
Vineyards: São Jorge, North coast.
Vinification: Manual, with qualitative selection, during several periods according to the state of maturation.
Maturation: In a “canteiro” system, in 650 L casks at room temperature until the month of bottling.
Specification: Alcohol - 20% Volumetric mass - 1035 g/L Total acidity - 9.8 g/L Volatil Acidity - 1,0 g/L Reducing sugars - 128 g/L pH - 3,32 Bé - 5.4
Serving & Cellarage: Stored upright in a dark, fresh and dry room with constant temperature, ideally no higher than 16oC. Decanting will help remove any deposit that may have occurred in bottle over time.
Tasting Notes: COLOUR . Mahogany with golden reflections. AROMA . Characteristic and lush, ethereal with notes of brandy infusion and toasted oak, dried leaves, tea molasses. MOUTH . Sweet, but fresh, concentrated, leaving a long aftertaste of dry fig-like fruits and resinous woods.

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